The DCI-Eco is the latest member to its DCI product family.

MPB’s DCI-Eco Optical Line System (OLS) is a complete DWDM line system for data center interconnect applications. It provides all of the optical grooming necessary for transmission of up to 8 DWDM PAM4 channels, covering the range of 0 km to 100 km (0 dB to 20 dB) of SMF while maintaining the simplicity of zero-touch provisioning. The unit has been optimized for ease of data center operations based on the contributions of world-leading data center operators and successfully tested with Inphi’s ColorZTM PAM4 QSFP modules.



DCI-Eco Series

MPB’s DCI-Eco series is a 1U single box solution with flexible configuration for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) applications. This product line is designed to provide an integrated low noise amplification solution for C-band DWDM fiber optic links with up to 8x PAM4 100 G channels.

On the transmit side, the system is equipped with a MUX, an EDFA booster amplifier and an optional VOA.

Two MUX options are available based on the maximum number of channels to be deployed:

Max # of Channels Starting Channel Ending Channel

8 Channel

Ch33 (193.30 THz)

Ch40 (194.00 THz)

4 Channel

Ch33 (193.30 THz)

Ch36 (193.60 THz)

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

The DCI-Eco system is also designed with optional Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) capability which allows the system to automatically adjust all operating parameters without human intervention when turning up new links2. ZTP capability reduces potential human errors and saves time and resources when commissioning new links.

Interoperability Test Results

The DCI-Eco system has successfully passed long-term interoperability test with Inphi’s ColorZ PAM4 DWDM transceivers.

Data Center Interconnect Specifications


Min   Max  
DWDM channel count3 1   4 or 8 #
Nominal wavelength spacing   100   GHz
DWDM Channel (4 Channel system) 193.30   193.60 THz
DWDM Channel (8 Channel system) 193.30   194.00 THz
Client interface average input power per channel
(Two wavelengths per channel, individual wavelength power is 3 dB lower)
-8   -5 dBm

Integrated Amplifier

Min   Max  
Link loss budget 0   20 dB
Client interface output OSNR
(Client interface input OSNR of 58 dB)
31.5     dB
Client interface output power per channel
(Two wavelengths per channel, individual wavelength power is 3 dB lower)
+1   +9 dBm

Electrical - AC Power

Min Typ Max  

Input Voltage Range
90 115 | 230 264 Vac
Input Frequency Range 47 60 | 50 63 Hz
Current Consumption @ 100-127 Vac   0.5   A
Power Consumption @ 25°C ambient / 8 channel ZTP option   40   W


DCI Series


DCI-Short Reach and Long Reach

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