Interferometry is widely known to be an important investigative technique based on the superimposing of two or more wavelengths of the same frequency. While one light beam interacts with the object being measured, the other does not, and their constructive interference results in a pattern or spatial shape that can then be used for extremely accurate and complex measurements.

Interferometry devices have extensive applications in all branches of science, technology and medicine. Within the field of fiber optics, interferometers are employed in the precise measurement of small displacements, refractive index changes, surface irregularities/topography, among other observational procedures. In the space industry, interferometry is used by astronomers to obtain the resolution of a large telescope by combining the signals from multiple smaller telescopes that act as a single unit. A complex system of mirrors brings the light from the separate telescopes to the astronomical instruments where it is then processed in order to re-create a high quality, finely detailed image.

MPBC’s Single Frequency Raman Fiber Amplifiers represent a paradigm shift in performance, operational simplicity, compactness, maintenance and reliability. Our VRFA systems are capable of amplifying a narrow, linearly-polarized, NIR input signal and converting it to the visible region without spectrum broadening – thus making it the ideal solution for stringent interferometric procedures and applications. Wavelength ranges are available from 900 nm to 1500 nm in the NIR and 514 nm to 670 nm in the visible spectrum, with custom wavelengths available on demand.



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