It has long been recognized that picosecond laser pulses are capable of producing high-quality and cost-effective results in a variety of micromachining and micromaterials processing applications. Ultrafast laser-based manufacturing has proven to be a superior technical solution for demanding fabrication requirements and our fiber lasers can be found enabling applications in industries ranging from aerospace to medical devices. Micro-hole drilling, cutting, 3D machining, scribing, contouring, micro-milling, welding, and surface treatment of materials as diverse as silicon, metals and plastics have all developed from the remarkable capabilities of precision laser micro-machining.

MPBC’s mode-locked fiber lasers operate in the picosecond regime and provide the basis for micromachining systems to process materials with unprecedented quality and precision. The all-fiber design of the MLFL laser ensures an environmentally stable linearly-polarized output and eliminates the possibility of cavity misalignment due to the influence of thermal or vibrational perturbations. The exceptional reliability and stability of MPBC’s MLFL makes it the ideal solution for semiconductor wafer and transparent materials processing.



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