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Fiber Lasers Overview

MPBC’s Fiber Laser Product line has grown out of its highly reliable Raman Fiber Laser deployed for 20+ years in telecom fiber optic systems. Exceptional performance is achieved based on an all-fiber architecture, which draws on MPBC’s telecom design practices. The all-fiber laser design eliminates the need for alignment as no bulk components are used, provides unprecedented wavelength and output power stability, and ensures a diffraction-limited linearly-polarized output.

In addition, the fiber laser series have a low-cost of ownership, offer long lifetime, low power consumption and require little maintenance. The traditional concerns of keeping optics clean, and cavity alignment sensitivity to temperature and mechanical vibrations do not exist.

MPBC is able to offer a variety of wavelengths based on similar architectures by using fiber Bragg gratings to establish the laser output wavelength. Built-in intelligence allows control and monitoring through a user-friendly graphical user interface via an RS-232 or USB port and features automatic power control for excellent power stability.

Lasers are offered in compact modules for system integrators or stand-alone 2RU-rack mount modules for laboratory use. The robust design and low cost of ownership makes MPBC’s fiber lasers the ideal choice for the most demanding applications.


For more information on laser selection, see “Why M2 is Important When Selecting Your Laser.”

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