Ultra Long Haul Repeaterless Links

Long unrepeatered links require the "ultimate" in equipment performance, namely high launch power into the fiber, control of non-linearities in the fiber, ultra-low noise preamplifiers, etc. MPBC continues to evolve its technology development in concert with these changing requirements for performance characteristics approaching the theoretical limits. MPBC’s patented Super Raman technology, based on —3rd order Raman pumping techniques, is recognized throughout the industry as a key enabling technology which appreciably augments the reachable distance and channel counts of unrepeatered systems.

Traditionally, submarine fiber-optic networks have consisted of standard land-based terminal equipment at each end with submerged cables and a series of repeaters to regenerate signals (due to optical attenuation and dispersion). However, recent developments in EDFAs (erbium-doped fiber amplifiers) and Raman amplification have made it possible to connect multiple stations – which can be separated by hundreds of kilometers – without the use of periodic in-line amplification and complex power-feed equipment. As network capacity requirements continue to increase significantly, repeaterless designs occupy an important niche in the telecom industry.

Today, MPBC-developed optical fiber amplification equipment permits unrepeatered span distances in excess of 500 km (overcoming greater than 100 dB of losses). Our suite of telecom equipment  are cost-effective, network-ready amplification solutions specifically designed to address and overcome the challenges of ultra-long haul repeaterless terrestrial OPGW and submarine links.

The 2RU, 1RU, and Versa2 Series are a comprehensive portfolio of mix and match products which allow you to configure a system that is ideal for a specific project, yet provides the flexibility for effortless upgrades for future bandwidth requirements. If needed, MPBC can also custom-design Remote Optically Pumped Amplifiers (ROPA) which are inserted along an existing or new cable to further extend system reach. Our high-power amplification products continue to be deployed in projects worldwide as we work to expand and evolve our line of long-reach amplification equipment.





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