Flow Cytometry

In Flow cytometers MPBC fiber lasers act as sources of excitation for fluorescent probes as the fiber laser power levels and coherence length make them excellent tools for illumination of individual cells in both analytical flow cytometry and flow sorters. An important feature of flow cytometry is that thousands of particles per second can be analyzed and therefore provide a statistically significant picture of a specimen's physical and biochemical make-up.

Further flow sorting has proven to be a practical way of isolating specific chromosomes and is of high value during the Genome Sequencing projects. As the fields of genomics and proteomics have evolved, flow sorting is becoming key to the sorting and isolation of a large subsets of specific cells for micro-array analysis. MPBC fiber lasers offers the higher output power, wavelength versatility and stability needed for flow sorting.

MPB Communications is proud to be a supplier of Visible Fiber Lasers to the Flow Cytometry community since 2007. As novel dyes and fluorescent proteins become available MPBC has and will continue to develop specialized lasers to respond to the ever growing need for new emission wavelengths.

Should you have an application requiring a specific emission wavelength, please contact us for assistance, as our technology has proven highly versatile.


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