Continuous Wave Visible Fiber Lasers Overview

Continuous Wave Visible Fiber LasersMPBC’s Fiber Laser Product line has grown out of its highly reliable Raman Fiber Laser deployed for 20+ years in telecom fiber optic systems. Exceptional performance is achieved based on an all-fiber architecture, which draws on MPBC’s telecom design practices. The all-fiber laser design eliminates the need for alignment as no bulk components are used, provides unprecedented wavelength and output power stability, ensures a diffraction-limited linearly-polarized output and TEM00 single mode beam.

MPBC’s Fiber Laser Technology is so flexible that we are able to offer our customers virtually any wavelength between 465 nm (930 nm) to 790 nm (1580 nm). We have enjoyed close collaborative relationships with researchers world-wide developing lasers targeted at their applications.

By employing our own fiber Bragg gratings to lock the laser wavelength, we can produce in a very short turn-around time specific wavelengths addressing specific requirements.





Fiber Coupling Option

Download our “Visible Fiber Lasers for Bioscience” brochure for more information on this product line and what MPB can do for you.
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Structured Illumination Microscopy



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Continuous Wave


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