Upgrading Networks - OPGW

Since the 1980’s, The Power Utility Industry has been using OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) to span their high-voltage electricity pylons. OPGW cables combine the functions of grounding and communications –

1) The conductive cable links the towers to earth ground, shielding the conductors from lightning and

2) The optical fibers within the cable provide a telecommunications path for internal as well as third party communications.

In 2009 Mexican Power Utilities Company, following a rigorous international tender process, selected MPB Communications Inc. to provide an amplification up-grade solution in 80% of its 25,000 km National backbone.  The most important cities and critical links benefitted from the advanced optical amplification technology required to bridge very long spans exceeding 82 dB, thanks to MPBC’s amplifiers, low noise preamplifiers, and patented Super Raman technology.

MPB Communications is today a recognized industry leader for supplying OPGW, Terrestrial and Submarine solutions for existing or new cables deployments.

MPBC's 1RU, 2RU and RMH-6000 Series family are designed for all network segments (Ultra-Long-Haul, Long-Haul, Regional and Metro access). MPBC’s Transponders, EDFAs, Raman and ROPA products offer a unique combination of state-of-the-art optical performance, suitable for upgrade transport.






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