Genomic Sequencing

DNA sequencing is at the center of the Human Genome Project (HGP), which seeks to revolutionize the field of biomedical sciences by developing a virtual blueprint of the human being. Armed with the human genome sequence, scientists are able to unravel some of the most complex biological processes in order to improve medicine. Finding a single gene, however, amid the vast stretches of DNA that make up the human genome requires a powerful set of tools.

Over the years a number of sequencing techniques that emphasize speed without compromising accuracy have successfully been developed. Despite these advances, researchers continue to face challenges in finishing genomes, characterizing variations, and understanding the function of key biological markers that may affect human health. Biophotonic technology encompasses particularly refined and automated processes which have allowed researchers to reach major milestones in the HGP well ahead of schedule and reduce the cost of sequencing, thus making it possible even for the general public to have access to personalized genome information.

MPBC is proud to have contributed to the development of next-generation DNA sequencing technology. Our continuous wave fiber lasers are an integral part of commercial state-of-art sequencers as they offer scalable output power, superior beam quality, stability, and unprecedented reliability. MPBC’s High Power VFL series are based on all-fiber laser design which inherently ensures a narrow linewidth and diffraction limited linearly polarized output - making it the ideal solution for demanding sequencing applications.

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