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For island to island, island to mainland, festoon unrepeatered systems, offshore oil platform or for unrepeatered branches on submarine repeatered systems, MPBC’s suite of network-ready equipment is the key enabler for the longest unrepeatered reach in the industry. 

MPBC’s patented Super Raman (third-order pumping) provides of the order of a 30% performance improvement over conventional Raman pumping. 

Utilizing MPBC Patented Cascaded 3rd order ROPA pumping, single spans exceeding 500 km can be achieved. 

With low FIT rates and an availability of 0.9999, MPBC's RMH6K-series was designed to meet the high reliability and high availability requirements demanded by the submarine industry. 

With a history of deployments worldwide dating back to the late 1990’s, in conjunction with a multitude of terminal equipment suppliers, the company maintains its leadership position in this field. 


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