Green Visible Fiber Lasers

  1. MPBC launched the first visible fiber laser in 2006, a compact 560-nm 1 Watt laser.  So began a collaboration with the scientific community looking for lasers not yet created, and the development of a product line spanning from 465-nm to 775-nm.

  2. In the Green spectrum, MPBC offer lasers with output powers ranging from 200 mW to 5 Watts. MPBC's Fiber Lasers are renowned for their beam quality (m2 <1.1), high reliability (with lasers in the field accumulating plus 50,000 hours) and unsurpassed wavelength and power stability. 

  3. Green Visible Fiber Lasers are air cooled, available in either an OEM compact package, and / or a 2RU rack mountable package with integrated power supply. The lasers are controlled by a user-friendly graphical user interface for ease of set up and operation.

  1. MPBC Fiber Laser Technology is so flexible we are able to offer our customers virtually any wavelength in the green spectrum between 514 nm (1028 nm) to 560 nm (1120 nm). To do this we employ our own fiber Bragg gratings to lock the laser wavelength and can produce in a very short turn-around time specific wavelengths addressing your requirement.  If you have an application for a laser that is not covered in our current product portfolio, please reach out to us as we work closely with researchers to develop lasers to meet next generation requirements. 





Green Visible Fiber Lasers Minimum Nominal Maximum  
Output Power Range   200 to 5000*   mW
Power Tunability Range` 20   100 %
Ellipticity   7 20 %
Beam Quality M2   1.1 1.15  
Emission Linewidth (FWHM)  0.1 nm
Long Term Wavelength Stability  Nominal - 0.02 Nominal + 0.02 nm
Degree of Polarization 98-99* %
RMS noise at nominal power integrated
over 5 Hz to 100 kHz
2 %
Long Term Outpower Drift (8 hours) peak to peak 2 %
* model-dependent. Contact MPBC for more detailed specifications.



 2RU-VFL-P-488/515 Duet Series

MPBC's Duet Visible Fiber LaserMPBC’s Duet package offers the user the advantages of two wavelengths providing up to 1 Watt of power each in one 2RU-Series platform.  One convenient package for two exceptional lasers -  reduces the overall foot print, provides higher wall plug efficiency, and lowers total cost of ownership – while maintaining the optimal beam quality.



2RU-VFL-P-488/515 Duet Laser Minimum Nominal Maximum
Emission Wavelength #1   488 ± 0.5   nm
Output Power #1   1000   mW
Emission Wavelength #2   515 ± 0.5   nm
Output Power #2   1500   mW
Power Tunability Range 40   100 %
Emission Linewidth (FWHM)  0.1 nm
Long Term Wavelength Stability  Nominal - 0.02   Nominal + 0.02 nm
Beam Quality M2   1.1 1.15  
Long Term Outpower Drift (8 hours) peak to peak 2 %


Fiber Coupling Option

For clients who require a fiber delivered beam, MPB offers optional fiber coupling with a maximum output power from the fiber for our 488 nm fiber laser is 350 mW

MPBC offers fiber coupling for all of our standard fiber lasers (488nm – 750nm) coupled to single mode PM patch cord.



Download our “Visible Fiber Lasers for Bioscience” brochure for more information on this product line and what MPBC can do for you.

For more information on making a laser selection, see “Why M2 is Important When Selecting Your Laser.”

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