SF Visible Fiber Laser2RU Series of Equipment

MPB Communication’s Series of 2RU products provide an easy-to-deploy, system-ready set of high-power subsystems for optical link enhancement.  The 2RU-Series Product line includes: high power booster amplifiers, Raman pump sources and ROPA pumps.

Based on a common 2RU platform, each unit is self-contained with its own optical, electrical and alarm handling functionality. Laser safety is assured through the incorporation of a high-reliability (<500 FIT) fiber integrity monitor subsystem (OSC) which initiates an automatic safety shutdown in the event of a fiber break or an open connector.  All units are managed via a similar, easy to use web based Craft terminal graphical user interface. 

Each type of unit enhances system performance.  When used in combination, system reach can be maximized.  Units are selected based on the particular system requirements, thereby optimizing cost without compromising future upgrades.


Applications include:

This reliable and flexible product family provide the perfect solution for long reach high capacity transport for point-to-point or multi-span (in-line) amplification.





2RU Product Line

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