Gain Modules

Gain Modules

MPBC Gain Modules have been designed for versatility to meet amplification requirements for single channel, narrow-band and DWDM transmission.

From ultra-compact amplets with low noise, high gain and low power consumption for single channel amplification or multi-channel wideband power amplification, to full size high power, low noise EDFA’s for dynamically reconfigurable DWDM Metro rings and meshes the MPBC Power Amplifiers and Preamplifiers deliver performance.

The commercial launch of MPBC’s amplifiers for satellite communications is a natural extension of MPBC’s amplification products with amplifiers launched for research since 2017, and commercial satcom amplifier shipments beginning in early 2020.  

High reliability combined with the ease of customization to fit client specific requirements make MPBC Gain Modules the ideal choice for your demanding application.




SPA - Space Amplifiers

EOA-m (Ruggedized)



EOA-µ Amplet (Half MSA)

EOA- xs (MSA)

EOA-xs Duo (MSA)


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