High-Power Single Frequency Fiber Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers

MPBC’s Single Frequency Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers provide low phase and intensity noise, narrow spectral  linewidths and long coherence lengths.  These characteristics make them ideally suited for demanding applications which include atom cooling and trapping, artificial laser guide star, holography, interferometry, LIDAR, metrology and remote sensing.

MPBC’s Raman Fiber Amplifier System is a high power single frequency amplifier capable of accepting the output of a narrow-band single frequency seed source  and amplifying from milliwatts to several watts in the NIR.  The output of the Raman Fiber Amplifier can then be frequency doubled by a Second Harmonic Generator to provide stable, narrow linewidth, low noise visible output.  

MPBC’s Single Frequency Fiber Laser System is a complete self-contained system offering a true single frequency output beam with out mode-hops.  The NIR or Visible SF laser is provided in a compact, air-cooled package requiring a minimum of effort to set up, operate and maintain.






High Power Single Frequency Fiber Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers

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