Emerging applications on the web are demanding unprecedented bandwidths. The legacy technologies that bring these services to businesses and homes are unable support this demand. New network architecture was developed to bring high capacity optical fiber to or near business and homes. Fiber to the Curb, Home (Fttx) solutions based on Passive Optical Network (PON) has had tremendous impact in delivering higher bandwidth at an economical price to the client and at the same time alleviating the bottleneck caused by access networks. However as the demand for bandwidth intensive services increases, so does the need to completely eliminate bottlenecks in the optical network.

Long Reach Passive Optical network (LR-PON) was developed to provide unlimited bandwidth to FTTx solutions. LR-PON extends the span of PON from 20Km to 100Km and beyond. By providing a larger coverage, metro and access networks are integrated. The large spans are also intended to maximize the number of components shared between all clients. Optical amplifiers are used to extend the reach of these long spans.

MPB Commmunications Inc. with its extensive experience in developing and manufacturing of optical amplifiers for core networks, has a series of 1RU and 2RU amplifiers that will extend the reach of LR-PON spans. With its high power booster and ultra low noise amplifiers, distances beyond 100Km can be achieved without the use of inline amplifiers thereby simplifying network design and reducing overall cost.



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