Utilities use OPGW fiber networks utilities to monitor power on the line, move power to avoid outages and brownouts, interact with substations and manage normal communications. The optical fibers within the cable are also used for high-speed transmission of data, either for the electrical utility's own purposes or may be leased or sold to third parties to serve as a high-speed fiber interconnection between cities. 

MPBC’s suite of network-ready equipment allows utilities to optimize their fiber optic network by meeting the unique requirements of the differing span lengths typical of OPGW networks. 

MPBC equipment has been deployed on OPGW networks since 2002.  With experience ranging from large networks covering more than 22,000  km, networks with single spans over 400 km, and networks with data rates from 155 mbps to 100 Gbit/s, MPBC can provide an optimal solution.




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