Single Frequency
Fiber Lasers Seed Sources

MPBC’s line of fiber-coupled, compact, single-frequency lasers are ideal solutions for scientific and industrial applications. Exhibiting extremely low noise and highly stable operation, these SFFL series lasers offer output wavelengths ranging from 1230 nm to 1320 nm, with the option of frequency doubling into the 615 to 660-nm range. GUI control, an easy-to-use fine frequency adjustment and an analog input for locking the frequency are all included.




Single Frequency Fiber Laser Seed Source

  Minimum Nominal Maximum  
Wavelength 1230 to 1320, 615 to 660 nm
Output Power, CW 20 40 50 mW
Emission linewidth (FWHM)   5 10 kHz
Coarse frequency adjustment 50 80 100 GHz
Fine frequency adjustment 200     MHz
Intensity noise, RMS
(integrated within 100Hz - 1MHz)
    0.001 %


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High Power Single Frequency Fiber Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers


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