Here are some of the technical papers that MPBC has written or collaborated on:

8x100G Unrepeatered Transmission Over Record 92.6 dB Span
(620 km)

Wallace Clements, Serguei Papernyi, Enzo DiNezza, Laurent Dore-Mathieu (MPB Communications Inc.), Pierre Mertz, Dennis Elza, Antti Kankkunen, Sumudu Edirisinghe (Infinera Corporation), Sergejs Makovejs, Denise Packard, Sam Silver, Lidia Galdino (Corning)

CaNaPy: SatComm LGS-AO experimental platform with laser uplink pre-compensation

D. Bonaccini Calia; M. Centrone; E. Pinna; D. Alaluf; N. Martinez; J. Osborn; W. Hackenberg; M. Townson; M. Faccini; A. Di Paola; L. F. Rodriguez Ramos; R. Speziali; M. Reyes; P. Janout; D. Jenkins; D. P. Wei; T. Fischer; J. Perdigues; W. R. L. Clements

SPIE International Conference on Space Optics — ICSO 2020, 2021

Amplification Properties of Raman Fiber Amplifiers for Narrowband Single Frequency Sources

Vladimir Karpov, MPBC White Paper


High power single frequency, linearly polarized DFB Raman fiber laser operating at 1178 nm

Vladimir Karpov, Sebastien Loranger, Raman Kashyap


Demonstration of 4 Tb/s DWDM Metro-DCI System with 100G PAM4 QSFP28 Modules Over 125 km Fiber Link

Yi Zhang,  Enzo Di Nezza, MPB Communications Inc;
 Michael Bustamanec,Waruna Fernando
, Inphi Corporation

2018 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC)


A 100-W 1178-nm Continuous-wave Single-frequency Linearly-polarized Raman Fiber Smplifier

Wei, D., Karpov, V., Guo, N., and Clements, W. R. L., MPB Communications Inc.


High Temperature Optical Fiber Sensor for Atmospheric Reentry

E. Haddad. R.V. Kruzelecky, K. Tagzira, B. Aissa (MPB Communiations Inc.), Iain McKenzie (ESA-ESTEC), A. Guelhan (DLR ), J.M. Muylaert (VonKarmen Institute), M. Celinkin, D. Barba (INRS-EMT)

ICSO 2016

Comparison of Gamma Radiation Effect on Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers

E. Haddad, V. Poenariu, K. Tagzira, W. Shi (MPB Communications Inc.), C. Chilian (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal), N. Karafolas, I. McKenzie (ESA-ESTEC), M. Sotom, M. Aveline (Thales-Alenia-Space)

ICSO 2016

Fiber Sensor Demonstrator on PROBA-2
after 7 years

E. Haddad, R.V. Kruzelecky, M. Mena K. Tagziria (MPB Communications Inc.), F. Ricci (Xiphos Systems Corp.), McKenzie, N. Karafolas, F. Hannoteau (ESA)

ICSO 2016

More than 30 dB Budget Improvement in Unrepeatered 100 GHz Links

S. Papernyi, W. Clements, B. Shum-Tim (MPB Comunications Inc.)


Spectral Narrowing of CW Light in Optical Fibers with Normal Dispersion

S. Papernyi (MPB Communications Inc.), A. Bednyakova (Novosibirsk State University), and S. Tyritsyn (Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies)

CLEO: 2015, OSA Technical Digest, paper SW3L.3.

Series Production of next-generation Guide-Star Lasers at TOPTICA and MPBC

Martin Enderlein,  Axel Friedenauer, Robin Schwerdt,  Paul Rehme,  Bernhard Ernstberger, Patrick Leisching, Wilhelm G. Kaenders (TOPTICA), Wallace R. L. Clements,  Daoping Wei, Vladimir Karpov (MPB Communications Inc.)

SPIE Adaptive Optics Systems, 2014

TCM-QPSK provides 2DB gain over BPSK in Festoon Links

Pierre Mertz (Infinera), Xiaohui Yang, Emily Burmeister, Han Sun, Steve Grubb, Serguei Papernyi (MPB Communications Inc.)

SubOptic 2013


MPB Technologies Inc. - Major Contribution to the Laser Field

Morrel P. Bachynski (MPB Communications Inc.)

Canadian Association of Physicists, 2010

PM Fiber Lasers at 589nm: a 20W Transportable Laser System for LGS Return Flux Studies

Domenico Bonaccini Calia, I. Guidolin, Luke R. Taylor, Steffan Lewis (Laser Systems Department, ESO), Axel Friedeanauer, Manfred Hager, Bernhard Ernstberger, Wilhelm Kaenders (TOPTICA Photonics), Vladimir Protopopov, Vladimir Karpov, Wallace Clements (MPB Communications Inc.)

SPIE 2010

An Adventure of 30 Years
(A Brief History of MPB Technologies Inc).

Morrel P. Bachynski (MPB Communications Inc.)

Canadian Association of Physicists, 2007

Flow Cytometry with a 580 nm Fiber Laser

William Telford (National Cancer Institute), Claudette Linton and Vladimir Karpov (MPB Communications Inc.)

Optical Society of America, 2007

Inukshuk Landed Robotic Canadian Mission to Mars using a Miniature Sample Analysis Lab for Planetary Mineralogy and Microbiology

Roman Kruzelecky, Brian Wong, Emile Haddad, Wes Jamroz (MPB Communications Inc.), Edward Cloutis (Universtiy of Winnipeg, Dept. of Geography), Nadeem Ghafoor and Sean Jessen (MDA Space Missions)

Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. 2007

Applied Microphotonics

Wes R. Jamroz, Roman Kruzelecky, Emile I. Haddad (MPB Communications Inc.)

CRC Press 2006

Miniature High-Performance MNT/IOSPEC Infrared Diagnostic System for the Remote Monitoring of Astronaut Health - Concept Paper

Katrin Kneipp and Harald Kneipp (Harvard University, Medical School, Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Boston MA), Roman V. Kruzelecky, Brian Wong, Emile Haddad and Wes Jamroz (MPB Communications Inc.), Wanping Zheng and Linh Phong (Canadian Space Agency), Coordinator: William Atwell, Boeing, USA

Caneus Organization, circa 2004

Cascaded Pump Delivery for Remotely Pumped Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers

Vladimir Karpov, Serguei Papernyi, Vladimir Ivanov, Wallace Clements (MPB Communications Inc.), Tetsuaki Araki, Yasushi Koyano (Sumitomo Electric Industries)

SubOptic 2004

DWDM Testing with a High-Power Sliced ASE Comb Source

Vladimir Karpov, Joyce Bernas, Vladimir Ivanov, Wallace Clements (MPB Communictions Inc.)

NFOEC 2003

Third-Order Cascaded Raman Amplification

Serguei Papernyi, Vladimir Karpov, Wallace Clements (MPB Communications Inc.

CLEO 2002





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