As systems move to 100-Gbps (and greater), Raman amplification can be used to improve overall system performance, thereby extending the life of the network operators long-term infrastructure investment whether it be submarine or terrestrial networks. 

In cases where a network service provider is looking to increase the channel count and/ or the data rate of his network, MPBC network-ready Raman solutions can provide a seamless upgrade path.  Because this approach does not require any changes to the fiber plant, it is a very elegant method. Utilizing MPBC’s distributed Super Raman to a span that is initially not equipped with Raman, can provide up to an eightfold increase in the number of wavelengths per fiber.

Increasing the data rate of a system typically necessitates a higher OSNR which can be realized by implementing MPBC's Raman solutions. In addition, since the Raman pumps are data rate independent, network service providers are able to run multi wavelengths at different data rates on the same fiber with no transmission impairments. 





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