EOA-S Boosters

EOA-S Gain ModuleEOA-S Booster provides up to 28 dBm of output power in a compact footprint and can be customized for single channel or multi-channel applications.  With optional internal VOA and mid-stage access these work horse boosters are an excellent solution for demanding High Power applications.


EOS-S Boosters


Maximum Saturated Output Power at -5 dBm Input Power 28 dBm
Minimum Operational Bandwidth 1529-1563 nm
Noise Figure at 1550 nm, -5 dBm Input Power <5.0 (4.3 typ) dB
Polarization Dependent Gain ≤ 0.3 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion ≤ 0.5 ps
Input & Output Isolators Standard  
Power Consumption, with 5 V Power Supply < 35 W
Dimensions 200 x 130 x 28 mm





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