1RU Preamplifiers

1RU R35Easily integrated into network systems, the 1RU Pre-Amplifier Series provides gain-flattened amplification of single channel or multiple C-band signal channels (1530-1565 nm).

Based on MPBC’s EOA Series Gain Modules, the 1RU-R line of preamplifiers are renowned for having one of the lowest noise figures in the industry. Installed right before the receive terminal, the unit provides pre-amplification of the signal from the link, resulting in an exceptional receiver sensitivity.

Gain Flattened for WDM Applications

  1RU-R15F 1RU-R17F 1RU-R35W  
Wavelength Range 1530 to 1565 nm
Composite input power for flat gain -15 to 0 -15 to 0 -50 to -15 dBm
Gain at Pin= -25 dBm (typ) - - 39 dB
Optimum gain 14.5 - 15.5 16.5 - 17.5 - dB
Composite output power for flat gain 0 to +15 +2 to 17 -5 to +15 dBm
Noise Figure at Pin= -25 dBm (max) - - 4.0 dB

Single-Channel Fixed Wavelength

Wavelength (Standard Model) 1552.52 nm
Wavelength Range (Custom Models) 1530 to 1565* nm
Input Operating Range (EOL)(min/max) -50 / -25 dBm
Small Signal Gain @-40 dBm 30 dB
Noise Figure @ 1550 nm <= 3.5 dB at -35 dBm input  
* Standard - other ITU wavelengths available upon request

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1RU Product Line


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