1RU Boosters

1RU BoosterThe 1RU-P Series consists of a family of power amplifiers, with up to 24 dBm of output power.  Installed right after the transmission equipment, it provides post amplification of the signal into the link. They are available in the C- or L-bands, for either single channel or DWDM applications.

Single-Channel or DWDM Boosters

C- or L-band power amplifiers with output power from 12 to 24 dBm

  1RU-P12 1RU-P15 1RU-P17 1RU-P19 1RU-P21 1RU-P24  
Wavelength Range (C-band) 1530 - 1565 nm
Output Power @ 1550 nm (EOL) 12 15 17 19 21 24 dBm
Input Operating Range (EOL) -5 to +7 -5 to +10 dBm
Noise Figure @ 1550 nm <= 5 dB @ -5 dBm input  
(input & output ports)
>= 32 dB

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1RU Product Line

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