1RU Raman Pumps

MPB 1RU LDP Raman PumpBased on MPBC’s LDP Series of multiplexed laser diode Raman pump sources, the 1RU-Raman line provides distributed Raman amplification in optical transmission fibers.

The unit can be used alone to increase system margins in existing transmission systems (to compensate for increases in span loss due to aging or to allow increases in capacity) or can be combined with other members of MPBC’s 1RU product family (Wavelength Converters, Amplifiers and Preamplifiers) to provide a complete transmission system.

The 1RU Raman pump units include a fiber integrity monitor subsystem which initiates an automatic safety shutdown in the event of a fiber break. Operational control and status and alarm monitoring are via a CRAFT terminal interface.

Single Wavelength Multiplexed Laser Diode Raman Pump Sources



Single Wavelength
Single Wavelength
Signal Wavelength Range 1530-1565 1550-1565 nm
Output Power 500 500 mW
Pump Wavelength as Raman Source 1450   nm
Pump Wavelength as ROPA Pump   1480 nm
Average Gain ~ 14 ~ 24 dB
PMD < 0.2 < 0.5 ps


Dual Wavelength Multiplexed Laser Diode Raman Pump Sources



Dual Wavelength
Signal Wavelength Range 1530-1565 nm
Output Power 700 mW
Pump Wavelength as Raman Source 1426/1454 nm
Average Gain ~ 15 dB
PMD < 0.2 ps

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1RU Product Line

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