1RU Wavelength Converters

1RU Wavelength ConverterThe WC-Series of Wavelength Converters interfaces the 1310 nm –short-haul data transmission equipment to 1550 nm amplified systems for long haul transmission.

The line transmitters and receivers of the WC-Series have been designed to take full advantage of the low noise figure of our 1RU series of preamplifiers to offer unparalleled effective receiver sensitivity for long haul transmission systems.

High Bit Rate Wavelength Converters


1RU-WC-1 1RU-WC-4 1RU-WC-16 1RU-WC-10GE 1RU-WC-MR  
Data Rate 155 Mb/s
622 Mb/s
2.488 Gb/s
10 Gb/s
155, 622 Mb/s
2.488 Gb/s
Line Optical Interface  
Input Wavelength 1260 - 1600 nm
Line Output Wavelength 1552.52* (standard) nm
Tributary Optical Interface
Compliance ITU S-1.1 ITU I-4  ITU I-16 ITU I-64 ITU I-16  
Input Wavelength Range 1100 - 1600 nm
Output Wavelength 
1530 - 1560 nm
Output Power (EOL) 
(min / max)
-15 / -8 -15 / -8 -10 / -3 -10 / 4 -10 / -3 dBm

*other ITU wavelengths available upon request


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1RU Product Line

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