SF Visible Fiber Laser1RU Series of Equipment

Extending the reach of optical links to avoid repeater sites can have enormous impact on cost CAPEX and OPEX for any network.

Utilitiy networks using OPGW to transmit SCADA information have regeneration stations hundreds of miles apart. Extending the reach of the optical transmission to allow the repeater sites to share the same location can greatly reduce present and future cost.

MPBC has a series of high reliability 1RU equipment that can extend the reach of optical links by up to 500 km without the use of repeaters. Solutions can consist of a single Power Amplifier to a more complex combination including Low Noise Pre-Amplifier, Wavelength Converters, 3rd Order Raman Counter Pumping, Remote Optically Pumped Amplifier (ROPA) and Co-Pumping. 

The 1RU Series is a system-ready solution that features easy installation and provisioning in addition to low upgrade costs. It is ideal for single channel and DWDM applications for metro, long haul terrestrial, OPGW, and submarine networks.

All 1RU equipment are available with SNMP for ease of network management integration.


1RU Product Line

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