Increase DCI Capacity at the Push of a Button

MPB Communications Inc. introduces new 16-channel multiprotocol DCI OLS.

Montreal, February 4, 2021 - Easily upgrade existing DCI links to meet growing capacity with MPBC’s new DCI Eco Series Optical Line System. This flexible, energy efficient and affordable single box solution allows for transmission of up to 16 multiprotocol DWDM channels on a single fiber over distances up to 100km. Ideal for PAM4 100G modulation formats as well as legacy 10G/40G NRZ and Coherent 100G (400G ready), MPBC’s DCI Eco is the key to future-proofing your network.

Installation and operation is a breeze with the DCI Eco Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature. At the push of a button, the ZTP automatically adjusts all operating parameters at turn-up and will self-adjust during operation to ensure continuous optimized transmission performance. Chosen for its low latency, flexibility and ease of use, MPBC DCI Eco solution’s latest deployment brings 100G connectivity to the network of a leading global multi-asset quantitative trading firm in the NJ triangle of exchanges.

MPBC’s long standing reputation for producing highly reliable and efficient amplification solutions makes the DCI Eco the right choice for performance driven network integrators.

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MPBC MLFL-920-femto
MPBC’s DCI Eco 16-Channel Multi-Format line system is a flexible and cost-effective single box solution that will easily adapt to meet evolving capacity requirements. Its multi-protocol capability allows for co-propagation of up to 16 DWDM channels on a single fiber at PAM4 100G, 10G/40G NRZ and Coherent 100G modulation formats.



About MPB Communications Inc.

MPBC is a leading supplier of innovative, high performance fiber laser and fiber amplifier subsystems to the international high-tech industry. MPBC prides itself in providing its customers with custom products which ultimatly enhance overall system performance.  The company has an international reach with a global customer base of blue chip companies in the industrial, research, defense and telecommunications sectors.


















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February 4, 2021 - Increase DCI Capacity at the Push of a Button: MPB Communications Inc. introduces new 16-channel multiprotocol DCI OLS.

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