Single-Frequency Fiber Laser Systems

MPPB's 10 W Single-Fequency Fiber Laser in the Visible Band

MPBC now provides complete Single-Frequency Systems, from Seed to Single-Pass or Resonant Cavity SHG.
All MPBC SF Laser Systems are simple and robust, resulting in excellent beam quality and ensuring long-term stability, long lifetime and low cost of ownership.

The MPBC Single-Frequency Systems components include:

Single-Pass Second Harmonic Generator (SHG):

Since 2007, MPBC has delivered Single-Frequency fiber lasers with output powers up to 4 W with Single-Pass SHGs.

Resonant SHG (RSHG)

With MPBC’s Resonant Second Harmonic Generator (RSHG), high powers are achievable in the visible band. Controlled by the WaveLock, the RSHG converts infrared light to a high-power visible light.

A non-linear crystal is placed into the resonant cavity, which is formed by highly-reflective mirrors. Inter-cavity infrared power builds up, resulting in a very efficient conversion to visible light.

  • Output powers of 10 W and over are easily achievable
  • 80% efficiency
  • Diffraction-limited beam


MPBC’s WaveLock is designed to scan a Resonant SHG (RSHG) and then lock it to a single frequency laser.

Link to YouTube Videos

Take a closer look! We have a YouTube playlist that explores our RSHG and WaveLock Controller.

The WaveLock provides all necessary functions for cavity locking using PDH or Hansch-Couillaud techniques and comprises of the following modules:

  • Dual channel RF generator with a variable phase delay
  • High dynamic range phase detector
  • PID servo controller
  • High voltage function generator
  • Crystal temperature stabilizer
  • Touch screen for easy navigation and control
  • Multiple analog inputs to monitor
  • SD card and USB port for storage and logs

High Power Single Frequency Raman Fiber Amplifier

MPBC’s Raman Fiber Amplifier (RFA) is capable of amplifying a narrow-band, linearly-polarized NIR input signal with negligible spectral broadening, and low intensity and phase noise.

NIR output powers up to 15 Watts at wavelengths between 1030 nm and 1370 nm can be achieved in our standard air-cooled enclosure, with higher powers available upon demand with our water-cooled enclosure.

  • True diffraction limited beam with M2 < 1.1
  • Unprecedented beam pointing and power stability
  • All-fusion-spliced fiber-optic train eliminates the need for alignment
  • Maintenance-free turn-key operation
  • Low power consumption compact package

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PM Fiber Laser Pump

A Ytterbium Fiber Laser, which provides a high-intensity linearly polarized pump light, is used to optically pump our Raman Fiber Amplifier through counter propagation.

Single Frequency Fiber Laser Seed Source

Exhibiting extremely low noise and highly stable operation, these Single Frequency Fiber Lasers (SFFL) offer output wavelengths ranging from 1230 nm to 1320 nm, with the option of frequency doubling into the 615 to 660-nm range. GUI control, an easy-to-use fine frequency adjustment and an analog input for locking the frequency are all included.

  • Single-frequency emission
  • PM fiber-coupled, diffraction-limited output beam
  • Very long coherence length
  • Low phase & intensity noise

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Continuous Wave

High Power Single Frequency Fiber Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers




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