RMH6000 Super Raman Pumps

RMH6000MPBC's patented 3rd Order Super Raman pumping scheme is an enhanced technique used for providing improved Raman pre-amplification by pumping the signal fiber with a shorter wavelength than the desired Raman pump wavelength, and then using the transmission fiber media as a wavelength converter that uses the Raman effect to generate the ultimate Raman pumping wavelength. This results in the Raman gain being pushed further out into the transmission fiber, lowering the noise figure and improving the OSNR of the transmission signals.

This patented technique provides the best Raman performance in the industry to provide the greatest reach improvement.

A variety of Super Raman Co-pump (SRCP) and Super Raman Counter-pump (SRP) models are available with powers ranging from 3 to 6.5 Watts in order to provide the optimal Raman gain in all fiber types, including large core effective fiber.

The optical and mechanical design of the SRCP and SRP supports up to 5 multimode pump inputs (MLU cards) coupled through armored input fibers allowing for easy customization of output powers up to 6.5 Watts. 

The MLU cards are "hot-swappable" and allow for "soft-failure" protection of the SRP/SRCP.

All SRCP and SRP models are equipped with OSC coupling optics to seemlessly incorporate the FIM moule for Hazard Level 1M operation.


Super Raman Pumps (SRP)

MPBC's patented 3rd order Super Raman pumping scheme allows for the longest repeaterless spans by  providing optical pump power for distributed Raman amplification across the C-band.

The Super Raman Pumps (SRP) provide the best distributed Raman performance in the industry.

The dual wavelength models offers amplification over the full C-band to support 80-channel systems.








Pumping Scheme 3rd Order Raman Counter-Pump  
Total Output Power 3 4 5 3 5 Watts
Output Wavelengths 1454 1454 1454 1426 & 1454 1426 & 1454 nm
Fiber Integrity Monitor Wavelength (OSC): 1574 1574 1574 1574 1574 nm

Models with output power up to 5.5 / 6.5 W are available for use in systems with large core fiber.

Super Raman Co-Pumps (SRCP)

MPBC's patented Super Raman Co-Pumps (SRCP) are high power laser sources. Their output is used as a Super Raman pump to provide 3rd Order Distributed Raman amplification for co-propagating signal channels in the red portion of the C-band.





Pumping scheme 3rd Order Co-pump  
Total Output Power 3 5 Watts
Output Wavelength 1454 1454 nm
Fiber Integrity Monitor Wavelength (OSC): 1574 1574

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