With its high power, high reliability and high availability, the RMH6000 series is the perfect fit for the strict performance requirements of ultra-long haul, mission critical, submarine and terrestrial networks.

The RMH6000 series, qualified to Telcordia GR63 CORE, provides long reach optical amplification solutions for Ultra-Long Haul Repeaterless Terrestrial, OPGW and Submarine Networks.

Designed in a stand-alone rack, the RMH6000 series offers a variety amplifiers, Raman units, and optional transponders which are selected based on the system link budget and capacity requirements. These hot-swappable plug-in units allow for customized amplification solutions and accommodate effortless bandwidth upgrades for ultra-long single channel or DWDM repeaterless spans. 

The RMH6000 subrack is deployed seamlessly with 3rd party transmission equipment, to meet network system requirements.

The use of MPBC's patented 3rd Order Super Raman pumping and Cascaded ROPA pumping scheme achieve the longest repeaterless spans (> 500 km).

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