2RU Distributed Raman Sources and Patented Super Raman Pumps

Raman Pump SourcesMPB Communications' Raman Pump & Super Raman Pump Sources are an easy to deploy, system-ready solution for high-power Raman optical link enhancement.

Both 1st -order and 3rd-order Raman pump models are available to provide enough power for +28 dB Raman gain, to maximize distributed Raman amplification performance.



Super Raman Pumps

MPB Communications’ 2RU-SRP Super Raman Pumps provide high powers in a single mode output fiber in the 1276 nm range and low power at a 14xx-nm seed wavelength in the same output fiber to provide (MPBC Patented) Third Order Raman Amplification. They have been designed for incorporation into fiber-optic-telecommunications systems to provide distributed Raman pre-amplification for signal channels in the C-band.


  Single Wavelength Dual Wavelength  




Single Wavelength Passband 1550 - 1568 1550 - 1568 nm
Amplified Bandwidth 1542 - 1568 1530 - 1568 nm
Max Output Power 3,000, 4,000 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 mW
Average Gain ~ 25 dB
Input SC/PC Optical Connectors  
Output Armored Fiber with High Power E-2000-PS Connector
or Pigtail Option
OSC Option
OSC Wavelength 1574 nm
Min. OSC Optical Reach (unamplified) 83 dB



Raman Pumps

MPB Communication’s Raman Pumps can be used alone for distributed Raman amplification to increase system margins in new or existing transmission systems, or they can be combined with other members of MPBCs product family (Wavelength Converters, Amplifiers and Preamplifiers) to provide a complete transmission system.

As an added option, the 2RU Raman pump units can include a fiber integrity monitor subsystem operating at 1574 nm which, in the event of a fiber break or open connector, initiates an automatic safety shutdown and correspondingly, automatic restart when connectivity has been restored.

  Single Wavelength Dual Wavelength  
Main Wavelength 1454 ± 1 1426 ± 1 nm
Max Output Power 1,000, 1,500 1,000, 1500 mW
Max Signal Band Insertion Loss 2.3 (1542 -1568 nm) 2.6 (1530-1568 nm) dB
PMD 0.5 0.5 ps
Average Gain ~ 19 dB
Input SC/PC Optical Connectors  
Output Armored Fiber with High Power E-2000-PS Connector  
OSC Option
OSC Wavelength 1574 nm
OSC Optical Reach (unamplified) 85-89* dB
* depending on configuration

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